MEET Portia Lebona from Klipspruit extension 2, Soweto.

She drives a silver grey 2016 VW Polo Vivo.

Q: When did you buy your car?

A: I bought my car in 2016 and named it Delicious because it is smart and runs smoothly on the road.

Q: Is it your first car?

A: My third car. I have been driving my car for the past three years now. I have been taking good care of it and it has never disappointed me, not even once.

Q: Why do you love it so much?

A: It is good on petrol and very ghetto just like me.

Q: Tell us what you like about this car?

A: VW is a brand I’ve liked since childhood. My other two cars were also the same brand.

Q: Would you allow another person to drive it?

A: My dad is allowed to drive my car.

Q: Have you taken a long distance trip in your car?

A: Yes, to Mpumalanga and Rustenburg.

Q: Tell us about your choice of colour?

A: Silver grey is a unique colour and mostly loved by women. The car looks even more stylish if it has tinted windows.

Q: How often do you get traffic fines?

A: I do not have traffic fines.

Q: What do you think of other drivers?

A: We are different drivers on the road.

But I’m not happy about people who drive in the emergency lane when they are not in a hurry and those who drive under the influence of alcohol. I want others to also put on the safety belt while driving in case something happens.