When the new Kia Picanto X-Line was delivered for a road test, something unfamiliar happened.

The car was so surprising that we found ourselves spontaneously driving around the south of Joburg because there was a lot to discover.

True to its marketing line, we found that the Kia Picanto X-Line does have the power to surprise.

I hardly ever like small cars. So, the first surprise for me was the love I developed for this car after bonding with it for just a few days. I do like big toys. But the X-Line is a small toy with a lot to offer.

Features that come standard include power steering, MP3-friendly radio, Bluetooth, 2-tone artificial leather upholstery, 8-inch touch screen that comes with Apple CarPlay and Android, and a lot more.

Right: The new Kia Picanto X-Line looks simple but will surprise you. Its interior boasts many standard features which are rare for an entry-level car. Photos by Njabulo Ngcobo

For its entry-level segment, these features are rare but give this car the number-one spot in the category.

This Kia is different. It’s small but has what most car owner want – a sunroof. I think on top of its simple, elegant yet exciting looks, the sunroof adds a lot to that beauty.

I will not waste time telling you more about its beauty. Pictures never lie, as you can see for yourself.

So let’s instead talk about the beauty of the Kia Picanto X-Line, which you can’t see with the naked eye but can only feel.

Under the bonnet, it’s powered by a 1,25-litre engine with l61kW and 122 Nm outputs. Buyers have the option to choose between a five-speed manual gearbox or a four-speed auto. The reason most small cars don’t have appeal is that you end up being squeezed as everything seems to be in a small space.

But the surprising spaciousness of the X-Line is the first thing you notice when jumping in. You’ll adjust your seat to a comfortable position.

That makes the driver relax, and we know the importance of comfortable sitting when driving. The leather around the steering is a bonus to your comfort.

The X-Line sure does turn a few heads as you move around. I could tell that people were not just interested in its beautiful orange colours, but in the whole package as it was really attractive.

Do you have a budget for a small car that you will not shy away from taking anywhere you want to go?

The Kia X-Line is your answer.


Picanto 1.2 Manual X-Line is R237 995

Picanto 1.2 Automatic X-Line is R251 995

All units are sold with an unlimited kilometre, five-year warranty (inclusive of roadside assistance) and a prepaid two-year/30 000km service plan.

  • This review was made possible by Kia South Africa.