Mercedes-AMG is going the Porsche route and milking the AMG GT for all that its got. Just as we have 100 versions of the 911, Mercedes-AMG just keeps on adding more hardcore versions of the GT.

Currently, we have the AMG GT, AMG GT S, AMG GT C, with the AMG GT R being the most hardcore version. All of those cars have drop-top versions except the Pro. So you get the picture.

Power ranges from 350 kW to 630 Nm in the GT to 430 kW and 700 Nm of torque in the GT R Pro.

People like Shmee haven't received their GT R Pros yet and now there are spy shots of an even more hardcore GT car testing in Europe.

And it seems like Mercedes-AMG is bringing Black back! Yes, the most bad*#s GT will be known as the AMG GT R Black. Like the SLS AMG Black, this one will be a something not to be played around with.

According to AMG will squeeze out more than 520 kW out of the 4.0 litre Biturbo V8. Perhaps that's why we seeing the big scoops being opened up in the long bonnet of this upcoming car.