The Sunday drive is a tradition that's rooted in the good old days when people would take time just to hit the open road.

They'd go driving not to get bread or run some errands. They would do it for the pleasure for driving, man/woman and machine attacking some good driving roads, getting to know each other in the process.

Today's world busy world has taken away time for such pleasures. High petrol prices and forever clogged up roads have also made it harder. But if one takes their time to plan for such a thing. They can find clear roads even in busy Johannesburg and get to keep a dying tradition alive.

And if you are looking for a car to do this in here's a list of cars we think would be great for the Sunday Drive.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

What makes the GTI a great car for the Sunday the drive is one of the reasons that make it a good car overall.

It's a do it all kind of car. From the everyday school run and Sunday Drive, the Golf GTI got you covered.

Chuck the car into Sports mode loosen up the traction control and the car becomes a hoot to chuck around a nice open twisty road.

And with 169 kW and 350 Nm of torque handled by VW's trusted 6-Speed DSG you'll never be wanting for power.

Honda Civic Type R

The Type R is 2018/2019 Performance Car of the year for a reason. It's more hardcore and bit in your face compared to the Golf. It's got more power with 228 kW and 400 Nm. What's even better is that its got a manual transmission. The Type R is for boy racers who don't want to give up their racing helmet yet.

The Mazda MX-5

The Miata as it is known in the states is great for a Sunday drive. In SA only the RF is sold. Shame, because it doesn't even offer a manual transmission! But if a new car is not what you after and the drive is more important. You might want to look for a used MX-5 with a fabric roof. It's lighter and it lets you play with the manual to go through the power range. It's only got 116 kW and 200 Nm but with the MX-5 power isn't everything it's more about the open-top experience and handling.

BMW M5 Competition

A supercar with four doors! That's what the M5 Competition is. If you are looking for a car that you can happily park at your business gala dinners during the week and also give Ferraris and Lamborghini headaches at the robots.

The M5 is your car. Press the red M2 button twice to confirm that you want all 441 kW and 750 Nm to go to the rear wheels enjoy hitting the some mountain roads in the aftenoon.

Put the car in comfort and you can use it as chaffeur car for the Sunday night dinner.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class S63 Cabriolet

The S-Class with an open roof. What more do you want. This is the S-Class you drive and not be driven in.

The S63 has V8 in it chunning out 450 kW and 900 Nm power is available on tap. But if the bellow of the V8 isn't what you want to listent let the Burmeister sound system rock your eyes while getting a massage and the airscarf blows warm air to your neck

The Rolls-Royce Dawn

Rolls-Royce, Dawn

Look if you are multimillionaire, chances are that you can afford to cancel a whole afternoon for a Sunday Drive. You probably have the more than R6-million to get one of these.

Honestly. There's nothing that comes close to the dawn for open-top driving experience.

The 6.6-litre twin-turbo V12 rumbles with 420 kW and torque 780 Nm pushes the 2-tonnes behemoth with such ease and tranquillity that you might find yourself in Durban without noticing it.