MEET Nolly Ntlakana, from Stutterheim, in the Eastern Cape, who now lives in Jozi.

Nolly wants Mzansi to know how much she adores her 2018 model Hyundai Grand i10 she bought 10 months ago.Q: Is it your first car?A: Yes, it’s my very first car, I love it too much. I named it Ruby, my first born.Q: Why do you love it so much?A: I consider it my sanctuary. It’s my own private space, away from everything happening around me.

This car has seen my many tears, laughter, singing and me talking to myself.Q: What do you like about this car?A: It’s easy to drive. It might not be spacious but for me it’s perfect for my needs.Q: Is Ruby your dream car?A: No, it’s not. But I love Ruby with all my heart. I’ve always wanted a starter pack, and that’s where most people start.

My favourite car brand is Audi, so perhaps they are still designing my dream car.Q: Would you allow another person to drive your Ruby?A: Yes. Why not?

I wasn’t that too confident enough with my driving when I bought my car. I was a little bit nervous, but now that I’m more comfortable But I only let a few people drive it.Q: Have you driven any long-distance trips yet?A: Yes, but only one long-distance trip from Joburg to the Eastern Cape.

I promise that more and more trips are coming my way.

Because it was my first long-distance trip, I asked one of my friends to accompany me so she could help me with driving when I get exhausted.Q: Tell us your choice of colour?A: I have always liked things that stand out and hadn’t seen this colour a lot.

I love it. It’s called Wine Red, which makes it at times a little hard because when its not clean you can easily spot it... which is all the time.

When people first saw the colour of my car they said it suited my personality for some reason.Q: How often do you get traffic fines?A: Me? Never. I haven’t received any traffic fines, but then again I’ve only had this car for 10 months, who knows what’ll happen next?

But I believe in myself. I’m a law- abiding driver and very cautious behind the wheel.Q: What do you think of other drivers?A: I believe if we were all considerate on the roads and used our indicators, the world would be a better place.