THE Magoma Foundation has done it again!

Last week it donated a wheelchair to Bethuel Mashianoke, and on Tuesday it presented six-year-old Ndamulelo Mahangwahaya with a new wheelchair.

When other kids were running around, Ndamulelo could only crawl.

His mum, Lucia Mahangwahaya (37) from Nzhelele in Limpopo, couldn’t afford a wheelchair.

The boy had to be carried everywhere he went – even to school.

When Tshifhiwa Magoma, founder of the Magoma Foundation, found out about the boy, he knocked on the doors of many businesses.

“No child should go through what Ndamulelo has gone through,” said Tshifhiwa.

He said the donation would give Ndamulelo his dignity back.

“He’ll now get around swiftly with his wheelchair. It’s very light, so he can push himself around,” he said.

Lucia said they’d given up on getting him a wheelchair.

“I thought I’d have to push him around in a wheelbarrow because he was getting too heavy for me to carry around. The foundation came to our rescue,” she said.

She said she’d never forget the day the wheelchair arrived.

“I was too emotional to thank them. Now I have the chance. I’m very grateful for what they did for me and my son,” she said.