LISTEN, the new Ford Figo Titanium is the perfect city car to own.

When Figo first arrived a few years ago, it was quite nice for hire companies and as a pool car.

It’s balanced, fast and stable on the road.

But the Titanium has not only improved its spec offerings.

The new design has also tapped into the wider passenger market.

We fell in love with the Titanium chrome-louvered grille, flanked by headlamps that flinch all the way to the sides.

From the front, and with the old Figo in mind, there’s no denying you’re looking at a Figo.

Thumbs up to the designers for this amazing design. It will definitely be the first-time buyers’ favourite.

It feels and looks like a budget car, thanks to its 14-inch alloy wheels that complement its overall looks.

What I like about the new Figo Titanium is that it engages you as the driver.

The controls, including the gear lever, steering wheel and pedals, are fully responsive.

Quite amazing was the car’s electronically assisted steering wheel that makes driving sheer pleasure – especially on sharp or challenging turns.

The Figo’s wheel suspension is designed to absorb any harsh terrain – potholes included.

Its comfort resembles that of the Fiesta’s.

The 82kW developed by the Figo’s 1,5-litre engine is quite good and delivers. But its 136Nm torque makes it feel a bit sluggish as you step foot on the peddle. The five-speed manual gearbox I drove was also big on precision.

But there’s still room of improvement on the car’s speed.

You’ll enjoy all the features that make the new Titanium a must-own car.

These include electric windows – even for your rear occupants – electric mirrors, an auto air-con and Bluetooth-enabled audio system, among other features.

The Figo 1.5 Titanium 6MT 5DR will set you back R215 900.

Not bad at all for all the bells and whistles that come standard with the new Figo.