WHEN you drive a beautiful car, people will spread gossip about you.

This has been Nchabeni Malwela’s experience since he got his new wheels last year.

“People say I am showing off when I press some buttons in my car to adjust the mirrors,” said the man from Laudium in Pretoria.

Q: What do you drive?

A: A Kia Sport.

Q: Is it your first car?

A: No, it’s my second but it’s closest to my heart.

Q: Why do you love it?

A: It is classy, comfortable and has great fuel economy.

I have wanted this car for three years. I would stare when I saw this car on the road. Buying this car last year was a dream come true.

I wash it twice a week.

Q: Who else can drive it?

A: Nobody else. Maybe I will let my wife drive it in future but not now while she is learning.

Q: Does it have a name?

A: Yes, my car was nicknamed Heavyweight for its size.

Q: How far have you driven it?

A: I have driven it to Giyani and Musina but I mostly drive it around Gauteng.

Q: Is the colour important?

A: No. It’s white, which is okay, but the colour did not inspire me as much as the thought of owning the car.

Q: How many traffic fines do you have?

A: None with this one. I had speeding fines in the past, driving other vehicles, but I paid them all off.

Q: What do you think of other Mzansi drivers?

A: I respect all drivers on the roads but on the freeway, I get challenged all the time.

Some drivers try but cannot beat my Heavyweight. My wheels are very powerful and they can never beat me.