IT’S DUBBED one of Volkswagen’s legendary creations, after the Beetle of course.

I’m talking about the Citi Golf which was made by VWSA from 1984 and ceased production in 2009.

But you see in this article it’s not just a legendary Golf we’re showcasing, this is Eldorado’s legendary Guava Munch.

The Guava Munch end result wasn’t about instance gratification, Vaughan Veldman explained to Car’lture.

“I mixed a couple of paints. The colour came out pink first, it came out maroon, and then it came out red. I mixed a few paints to get this one right – a colour that no one has,” Veldman said.

The “Nix Mapha” as dubbed by Car’lture's very own Tela T'Style Rikhotso, has an engine - cleaner than most kitchen table tops.

Picture by Dylan Mohlala.

Vaughan decided to do a wire tuck on the engine, basically hiding all the visible wires.

The battery is in the boot and all the wires are hidden in the chassis legs,” Vaughan added.

What’s the point of having a neat car like this if there’s no stance.

The key elements of the stance are a lowered suspension (lowering springs, coilovers or air suspension), large rims, stretched tires and camber.

The Guava Munch rolls on a set of TDI Split rims – 7.5j front and 8.5j at the rear, wrapped in 185X35X17” tyres.

Not only does he have the stance covered, but he has the Summer Sunday afternoon drive covered too.

He installed a double glass Mini Cooper Panoramic Roof, which adds an elegant aesthetic to the overall look of the car.

Picture by Dylan Mohlala.