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Akhona Bambelo with the bike he calls First Love. Photo by Thabo Monama  ~ 

Akhona Bambelo is a biker who only enjoys riding if he knows he is safe.

Originally from Matatiele, he now lives in Vaal Park, south of Joburg.

Q: What bike do you ride?

A: I ride a Suzuki GSXR 600 k8.

Q: Does your bike have a name?

A: Yes, I call her First Love?

Q: When did you buy it?

A: In June

Q: Is this your first bike?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you have a licence?

A: I have a learner’s licence but I plan to get my full rider’s licence soon.

Q: Why did you choose black?

A: Black is my favourite colour. I find it striking and bold.

Q: How often do you ride?

A: I don’t count but I ride every chance I get.

Q: Is this your dream bike?

A: Yes, it is.

Q: Why do like biking?

A: Biking is a way of life. I can escape my problems for a while. There is a lot of love among bikers, black and white. We all take care of each other. Also, biking is less costly than driving a car.

Q: Can you tell us about your safety outfit?

A: If you’re a biker, you need to put your safety first. If you can’t afford to buy safety gear, you can’t afford to buy a bike.

Q: How far have you ridden?

A: I am still new so the furthest I have been is the North West.

Q: Who else can ride your bike?

A: No one. I am possessive about my bike. I won’t lend it to anyone else.

Q: Can you tell us about other Mzansi road users?

A: Being a biker on the road means your life is always on the line. Most motorists do not believe in sharing the roads with us. They do not respect bikers.

The biggest problem is speeding. This is why we end up with so many deadly, sad accidents everywhere.

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