HE regards himself as the king of a small village called Top in Mahikeng, North West.

Medupe Moneve (35) drives around the village in his luxurious black Hyundai H1.

He spends most of his time educating young and old about their rights before the election.

Q: When did you buy your car?

A: In 2018.

Q: Does it have a nickname?

A: I call it Shampopo.

Q: Why specifically the name Shampopo?

A: I earned this name when I used to spin cars and am a good dancer too.

Q: Are you a careful driver?

A: Extremely so. I’m careful because I share the roads with other drivers.

Q: How often do you get fines?

A: I’ve learnt the hard way after I was slapped with a fine.

Q: Is Shampopo your first car?

A: No, previously I owned a BMW 321 Gusheshe and an Astra.

Q: Would you allow anyone to drive your car?

A: Strictly no.

Q: Is Shampopo your dream car?

A: Yes.

Q: What features does it have?

A: Its interior, radio and powerful speakers.

Q: Any changes?

A: No, I don’t need to.

Q: Why this colour?

A: I’m a proud darkie.

Q: How far have you travelled in your Shampopo?

A: Durban, Botswana, Mahikeng and Gauteng.

Q: Your take on other drivers?

A: Some drivers cause accidents through overtaking.