THIS man is head over heels in love with his Toyota Corolla RXi.

The car was a gift from his father in June 2016.

“I was in matric,” said Lesego Mabalane from Pimville zone 2 in Soweto.

Q: Is it your first car?

A: Yes and I nicknamed it “Baby”.

Q: Why do you love it so much?

A: I love it because it was a gift from my father and the biggest gift I ever got from him. I promised to look after my car. You can see it’s in a good shape and clean too.

But what I like about the car is that it’s fuel efficient.

Its performance on the road is also very good and it’s a safe model to drive.

Q: Tell us what you like about this car?

A: It’s a sophisticated, nice-looking car and value for money.

It’s always a pleasure to drive it.

I added 17 inch rims and a powerful sound system so I can feel like I’m home while driving her. I also put reverse lights and tinted windows.

Q: Is it your dream car?

A: Not really. But I love my Baby too much. My dream car is a red GTi Golf 6. Red has always been my favourite colour and I will make sure that my second car is red.

Q: Would you allow another person to drive it?

A: Yes. Only my best friend Bongani Dhlamini can drive it. I trust him. He’s as cautious as I am behind the wheel.

Q: Have you taken your car on any long distance trips yet?

A: Yes. I went to Kroonstad, Free State.

Q: How often do you get traffic fines?

A: I don’t remember being stopped by a traffic cop because of my driving.

Q: What do you think of other drivers?

A: Other drivers get distracted by small things like being on the phone while driving.

The other big problem we have on our roads is unroadworthy cars and people driving under the influence.