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Kamohelo ‘Kamza’ Mohudi lives to keep Christ and Mchini close. Photo by Sammy Moretsi  ~ 

KAMZA unites other bikers under the colours of his Christian faith.

Kamohelo “Kamza” Mohudi (29) was inspired by the crucifix to form a biking club called Da Cross.

Kamza, from Tsakane in Ekhuruleni, said when he revs his blue Suzuki SV650, he remembers Psalm 23 and feels safe riding through Mzansi’s many scary valleys of darkness.

Q: What keeps your adrenalin cool when you ride?

A: When I say the name of Jesus, I feel vibrant and alive.

Q: Are you a careful rider?

A: Yes. I keep to the speed limit.

Q: Have you ever broken the law?

A: Yes, I was fined for not renewing my expired licence disc.

Q: Does that mean you have sinned?

A: Yes but I paid the fine. I regret it but don’t hide the truth.

Q: When did you buy your bike?

A: In 2016.

Q: When did you started to ride?

A: Five years ago but biking as a sport has long been my passion and riding is dear to my heart.

Q: How many bikes have you owned?

A: I owned another Suzuki and a Hyosung before this one.

Q: What’s its name?

A: I call it Mchini.

Q: What is your position at Da Cross?

A: I am the vice-president. I handle the accounting and make sure we keep to a biking code of conduct.

Q: Who else can ride your bike?

A: No one.

Q: How special do you feel when riding?

A: I pray before I ride but when I’m on the road, the gospel and hymns descend on me as I’m riding.

Q: Do you love Mchini’s colour?

A: During the day, when the sun strikes the paint it turns metallic and beautiful.

Q: How far have you travelled?

A: I have ridden to Lesotho, eSwatini and Durban.

Q: Are you licensed to ride?

A: Yes.

Q: What do you wear?

A: I wear all my safety gear even though it looks like a fashion statement – it is covered in bright reflectors for night riding and my jacket is full of badges and patches.

Q: What do you think about other Mzansi road users?

A: Bikers are killed by selfish attitudes from drivers of cars. I find women motorists doing their make-up in the mirror or those playing with the radio while driving are the most dangerous.

When they aren’t driving while distracted, motorists impatiently swerving all over the road is another problem.

Life is too precious for this nonsense. Let’s work together and fix our bad attitudes so we can stop road rage and road deaths.

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