PHINEAS Phiti (49) from Hillside near Randfontein, west of Joburg, drives an old Mazda 323.

Said Phineas about his set of wheels: “I don’t remember getting stranded on the road with this car. This because I don’t skip its service time.”

Phineas, who works as a manager at the Joburg Child Welfare, told the People’s Paper parts for his Mazda are affordable.

Q: When did you buy your car?

A: In 2017.

Q: Does it have a nickname?

A: He goes by the name, Jalopi.

Q: What’s unique about Jalopi?

A: I love the comfort. It’s easy on petrol and I use it for my daily commute to and from work.

Q: Is Jalopi your first or dream car?

A: No, I also own a BMW and wish to own the top of the range BMW X6 G-power Typhoon.

Q: Are you a carefuldriver?

A: Life is precious, so I make sure not to speed.

Q: How often do you get fines?

A: Not at all.

Q: Would you allow anyone to drive your Jalopi?

A: My son and daughter, but under strict supervision.

Q: Have you changed anything on your Jalopi to make it look more stylish and trendy?

A: No, I like it in its standard form.

Q: What features do you love about Jalopi?

A: Its looks suit me just fine.

Q: How far have you travelled in your Jalopi?

A: I’ve been to Eswatini, North West, Kimberley and in and around Joburg.

Q: What do you think of other drivers on the road?

A: Reckless driving is not okay. My plea to other motorists, who overtake when it’s not safe, is that they should stop.