RODGERS TSHUMA (34) is a careful driver.

“When I see a congested parking lot, I go elsewhere,” he said.

“Worse the speeding car can be fatal worse driving recklessly you damage certain parts of your car, there is no money nowadays we are living the worse depressant economy”

Rodgers from Cosmo City, Joburg, is a qualified mechanical engineer.

He drives around in his white Lexus IS 200 and reckons motorists should be extra cautious on the roads.

His clients are from Gauteng and North West.

“I’m not a fong kong bush mechanic. I always advise my customers to take care of their cars.”

Q: When did you buy your car?A: In June this year.Q: Does it have a nickname?

A: Dr Vrr Phaa.

Q: Why the name Dr Vrr Phaa?

A: It’s comfortable on the road and easy on petrol. I also like its cruise control feature.

Q: Is this your first car?A: No, previously I owned an Opel Corsa and a Kiya Sportage among others.Q: Is Dr Vrr Phaa your dream car?A: I feel at ease when I drive this car.Q: Are you a careful driver?

A: Yes, I don’t smoke or drink. I’m extra careful on the road. I don’t overtake when it’s not necessary.

Q: How often do you get fines?

A: I haven’t so far.

Q: Would you allow anyone to drive Dr Vrr Phaa?

A: No. This car is so special to me.

Q: What features do you love about Dr Vrr Phaa?

A: I love its simplicity. It gives me absolute pleasure and joy when I drive it. I wouldn’t change it for anyting else.

Q: Why do you love this colour specifically?

A: It’s decent and looks neat.

Q: How far have you travelled in this car?

A: I’ve been to Botswana, Zeerust, Nelspruit, Zimbabwe and Limpopo.

Q: Do you have a driver’s licence.

A: Yes.Q: What do you think of other Mzansi drivers?

A: Some accidents could be avoided. I always see some male drivers recklessly overtaking. And there’s a lot road rage out there.

My plea to other drivers: tolerate one another.