Because beauty combined with great performance has a place in the hearts of many drivers, one can safely say the new premium Hyundai Palisade R2.2 Elite 8AT all-wheel-drive SUV will find a home in Mzansi.

Its design says it all – this car wants to leave a mark in the top-spec SUV segment. And looking at its shape, design and performance, it will definitely make the competition sweat a bit.

The front looks as bold as its positioning in the market, with a daring dark chrome front grille flanked with high-tech LED daytime running lights commanding the respect you usually get for American big SUVs. Once you jump in, the Palisade invites you to sit back, inhale and relax in its spacious, sophisticated, heated and ventilated seats.

While driving the car from Joburg to Parys, Free State, one could not help but move around and experience how all passengers will feel in this big seven or eight-seater car. The space will allow for kids to enjoy themselves in the last row and adults to be comfortable in the remaining seats.

Passengers will enjoy the ride with front and rear auto temperature control, and front electric seats that remember the driver’s favourite spot.

The Palisade’s keyless entry and start succeeds in making each ride effortless, together with its multi-terrain mode, cruise control and the multifunctional steering wheel.

Buyers have five different colours to choose from. The cars also boast high-end finishes such as 20-inch alloy wheels and a distinctive grille – you’ll enjoy the epitome of style and innovation.

Shift gear has been replaced with park, reverse and drive buttons that change the driving experience in the Palisade all together. The interior features a supple artificial black leather trim, offering plenty of leg, head and elbow room for the family.

The double sunroof for front and rear passengers takes the experience to another level.

The engine is complementary to its amazing body with 142kW at 3 800 revs per minute and 440Nm at 2750 revs per minute, making it quite a speed menace on the road when called upon to do so.

The cabin is fitted with advanced safety electric stability control and blind spot detection. Then, park perfectly using the electronic parking brake plus front and rear sensors.

This premium SUV is designed to spoil you, and is priced at R999 900.

This review was made possible by Hyundai.