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MANY car problems are due to faulty or dirty air filters. Car owners should change the filter every 12 months or after 15 000km, whichever comes first.

You can get the filter replaced by a mechanic or you can do it yourself.

Change an air filter

  • Firstly, locate the filter. It sits in the engine compartment. It is a black rectangular box with metal clips inside. If you struggle to find it, check the manual to guide you.
  • After finding the air filter, remove the cover and see how the filter fits inside it – take note of the direction of the filter before you remove it so you can put it or the replacement back correctly.
  • After removing the old filter, check to see how dirty it is. It’s a good idea to know how dirty a filter can get before you need to replace it.
  • Insert the new one in the same direction as the old one. The edges should be flush or fit perfectly where they meet.
  • Now close the metal clips.
  • And that is how you change an air filter.

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