Ngwako MAKGOPA, aka Houser, is a member of the 1632 Bikers’ Forum.

He is originally from Limpopo in Ga-Matlala, Vlakfontein. Houser works for an IT company in Jozi.

Q: What model is your bike?

A: It’s a BMW R1200GS Adventure 2014 model.

Q: When did you buy it?

A: Around February 2018.

Q: Is it your first bike?

A: It’s my fourth. I’ve been through the ranks. I started out with 350cc Regal Raptor Cruiser, then I bought a 600cc Honda superbike, followed by a 1000cc Fireblade Honda superbike and then came this latest baby.

Q: Why do you like biking?

A: It’s about convenience, saving on time and fuel. I commute a return trip of 72km to work daily, and I never sit in traffic. Single trip takes me approximately 30min in a heavy traffic. Once you start riding its not easy to quit.

Q: How long have you been riding?

A: Since 2013, and it feels like yesterday.

Q: Do you have a licence?

A: Yes, and it’s been a while now.

Q: Where did you learn to ride?

A: In the quite streets of my hood. I was taught by my late best friend, Koena “Manimal” Rakhutla.

Q: Have you pimped your bike?

A: Just a bit. I put on brighter spot lights for visibility and its nickname ‘Nja Yam’ on the side and the registration plate has the name ‘Houser’ on it.

Q: How often do you ride?

A: Five days a week. Sometimes, with the 1632 Bikers’ Forum on weekends. I do a minimum of 360km per week.

Q: How far have you ridden?

A: I’ve been to Mbombela, Eswatini and Polokwane. Next year, I’m planning to do nine provinces in nine days.

Q: Any traffic fines?

A: Not on my bike.

Q: Why the colours?

A: These colours are the best.

Q:Do you have a safety outfit?

A:You bet, safety first is what we preach in 1632 Bikers Forum

Q: Your advice to other road user?

A: Avoid speeding, reckless driving and always buckle up.