MOTORISTS from Samora Machel in Cape Town are appealing to the City of Cape Town to fine people who dump rubbish in the middle of their roads.

Abongile Mgilana (39) said they tried cleaning up but some residents continued to dump their rubbish.

“I think some are doing this on purpose so they can rob us while we are still waiting for each other,” said Mgilana. The rubbish takes half of the road and they are forced to wait for oncoming traffic to pass.

“Hijacking is too high in Samora. We cannot afford to wait longer here. This will affect us badly. That is why we are urging the city to assist us.

Luyolo Gumede (40) said: “Our people think the city is joking because they have never seen anyone being arrested for dumping. When you tell them, they think you are lying or you think you are better than them. Until they see one of them being fined, then they will stop dumping rubbish illegally.”

MMC for Water and Waste, Xanthea Limberg said Samora Machel is cleaned regularly and a mechanical loader will clear the area as soon as possible.

“However, keeping the area in good condition is an ongoing struggle due to littering and illegal dumping. “With this in mind, if residents know who is dumping we ask them to provide relevant information to the city’s Solid Waste By-Law Enforcement Unit so that action can be taken,” said Limberg.

“Residents can also write down the culprit’s vehicle registration number or if they can identify them, they should call 021 444 6231/ 021 444 6233 or email

“Illegal dumping can be reported by contacting the city’s call centre on 0860 103089 or email”, she said.

She urged residents to take photos and report the alleged culprits to the authorities. This can be done anonymously.