THERE are a number of key features that are likely to make the CVT Datsun GO and GO Plus rock the market a bit.

Following a cool launch on a cool day of this small wonder, most motoring scribes agreed that it is getting better and better, perhaps because with auto you don’t do much, the car simply drives itself.

If you wrote off the GO when it first launched in 2014, maybe due to that long floating changing gear that looked like someone had forgotten that a GO was not a code 14, think again, because changes are not only skin deep.

The gear is now well-placed and nicely fitting just under the amazing infotainment console.

Just by looking at the GO, you know that it is ready to roll.

While the car has appealed to both young and old, judging by the GOs we see on the road, Datsun has pitched it perfectly for the young, fun-loving, outgoing, mid-size families who are just starting out in life.

That pitch is a winning pitch! Couple it with affordability and some interesting changes to the external design and interior and Datsun is well on its way to make the competition sweat when it comes to market share.

The new Automatic CVT (continuous variable transmission) versions of the Datsun GO and GO Plus have come out guns blazing with better power delivery, improved fuel economy and the advanced convenience of seamless gear shifting.

The interior has lots of modern automotive technology and connectivity including seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system equipped with voice recognition and Android Auto/Apple Car Play.

The head of Datsun South Africa, Hide Kuwayama, said the GO is changing the game.

“In keeping with our customer-centric approach, we want to ensure that our customers across the board have the opportunity to experience Datsun’s progressive mobility by bringing even more innovation to this segment,” said Kuwayama.


GO MID – R159 100

GO LUX – R170 200

GO CVT – R184 200

GO Plus MID – R169 500

GO Plus LUX – R180 800

GO Plus CVT – R194 800