DO YOU know the true value of your car?

If you plan to buy or sell a car, Darryl Jacobson tells you to find out what your car is worth.

Talking about his company, True Price, Jacobson said: “You won’t find any other company on the planet that offers the same service.

“Owners can get evaluations on their wheels free of charge.

“For too long now Mzansi motorists have had no clue what their wheels are worth. We wanted to fix this problem.”

True Price employees are gathering lots of data at auctions all over Mzansi.

“We’re constantly adding and improving our database of auction prices. As well as gathering all the many facts and data, the True Price team has also established an easy-to-use website.”

Jacobson said he created True Price because he’s been asked about various cars’ resale values thousands and thousands of times.

“It’s a question that I’ve been asked over and over again: what are my wheels worth? But now True Price can provide the answer.”

He said knowledge is power even when you’re selling your car.

“When trading in your car, it’s enormously valuable to know the precise value of your car because then you can interact with the dealer with authority.”

  • Obviously, the same applies if you’re selling your car privately – you need to know your vehicle’s true worth so that you have an informed opinion on how you can buy, sell or trade it. For more information visit