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Kholofelo Sathekge likes being on time.  ~ 

NOT only is Kholofelo “Easy K” Sathekge crazy about bikes. He rides to get wherever he is going on time.

Easy K, from Polokwane in Limpopo, rides a BMW S1 000 RR.

He said when there’s traffic on the road, he just revs and motorists make way for him.

“Riders must understand that motorists don’t see you. You are invisible to them.

“That is why your bike needs to be louder, to alert motorists that you are coming.”

Q: When did you buy the bike?

A: I bought it in December last year. I started riding in 2012. I just love bikes. Not just because I hate traffic but because you are always punctual.

Q: How was your first ride?

A: It was awesome. It felt so good. I learnt quickly.

Q: What did you first ride?

A: A Suzuki K2.

Q: Why did you choose your bike in black?

A: Black is beautiful and I love it – that’s my reason.

Q: Do you have any traffic fines?

A: Not yet – I am very careful on the road.

Q: How often do you ride?

A: I ride almost every day.

Q: Are you licensed to ride?

A: No, I only have a learner’s licence. This is my second learner’s after the first one was expired.

But I want to get my first licence before June next year.

Q: How far have you ridden?

A: I have ridden to Durban, Swaziland and Kuruman in the Northern Cape.

Q: Is your bike customised?

A: Yes, I changed the exhaust pipe to make it louder.

Q: Do you belong to a club?

A: Yes, Sapa Yopa. It is the biggest bike club in Africa.

Q: What do you think of other Mzansi bikers?

A: You can tell professional bikers by the way they dress, and they ride carefully. They also make their bikes loud so they can be heard from far away, allowing people to make way for them.

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