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Can you keep your cool in traffic after the power is switched off?  ~ 

THE unreliability of Eskom has led to more loadshedding. And we all know how irritating it gets driving when all the lights are off.

The moment the power goes out, every intersection can turn a simple drive into hours of traffic jams.

Eugene Herbert from MasterDrive said: “You need to remain calm and patient when you start to feel frustrated. However, there will be many frustrated people taking stupid risks and making the problem worse.

Keep your calm

“Listen to soothing music or a calming audiobook. Check Google Maps to see which route has the least traffic before you leave.

“Show your appreciation to points people directing the traffic. As frustrated as you feel, the points people have to deal with a massive task and without them, the situation would be much worse.

“Rain makes our roads more dangerous. When driving in wet weather, increase the following distance, give yourself extra time to arrive at your destination, drive slower the worse the conditions and avoid driving through puddles.”

Before you even set off, it is essential to accept that you are going to encounter major traffic problems and impatient drivers.

“Getting angry with other drivers will only increase your chances of a collision. Do not block the people who irritate you. Let these drivers in so they can move away from you. The further away they are, the safer you will be.

“Be nice when you drive, it’s contagious,” Herbert said.

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