WE waited long to finally get our hands on the Corsa 120Y Special Edition to South Africa which was made in celebration of 120 years in the business of making and selling cars.

While it comes a little short in terms of appealing to the eye, just missing that wow factor, the magic is in the powerful engine, the amazing performance and good handling.

On the outside, the 120Y looks pretty much the same as the previous Corsa 1.0T Enjoy.

Although one must mention that there is a room for improvement for the external body design of the Corsa since it has held on to this same look for a while now, and there is strong competition in the same segment.

Cars are changing face often with exciting exterior designs.

On the inside, once again, it would have been nice to go all the way and show that this is a celebration car.

The car has all your modern features including “Allure” cloth trim, 120Y-embroidered mats and front and rear park distance sensors and a reverse-view camera.

We loved its popular 3-cylinder engine 1.0-litre, turbopetrol engine that gives out 66 kW and 170 Nm of torque and is mated with a 6-speed manual transmission that pulls from the front.

I also confirm a good fuel consumption of 4.6 L/100 km, which is good for the economy in which we find ourselves.

Price: R259 900