SITTING in a dirty car is horrible to look at but it’s also a farm for germs.

Tips for a tidy interior

- When you clean your car, always be gentle

- Read the manual before trying to clean it

- Before you start, test each of the cleaning materials in hidden places so they won’t stick out if you accidentally damage the material.

- Don’t vacuum hard-to-reach places like corners. Rather blow the dirt out at a reduced power so it’s easier to vacuum.

- A stiff paint brush and toothbrush can reach deep areas. Vacuum while brushing hard-to-reach places.

- Clean the transparent plastic on your vehicle’s instruments carefully. These plastics scratch easily.

- Clean windows inside and out with a glass cleaner and paper towels. Lightly buff the cleaned windows with a 100% cotton towel.

- Wipe the dashboard and vehicle panels with a damp cloth.

- Remove grime with an all-purpose cleaner that’s diluted with water. Always use the mildest soap possible.