SVI Engineering, a specialist manufacturer of armoured products, has made armouring your car simpler.

It has released South Africa’s first vehicle armouring application for cellphones called SVI Mobile.

If you need to know how much it will cost to add bullet resistance to your car, it is as easy as hitting the “Get Quote” button on the app.

If you need maintenance on your SVI armoured car, you can take a picture of the problem before sending the report straight to the factory.

According to Jaco de Kock, the CEO of SVI: “It is important for SVI to embrace technology and give our clients exactly what they require. This led to the development of the SVI mobile app.”

The SVI mobile app aims to provide someone interested in armoured vehicles with all the information needed in an easy-to-use package.

Short-cut buttons link to popular SVI content like videos, armouring advice and even quick access to emergency contact numbers.

“SVI is leading the way in providing armouring solutions and the application is just another example,” said Benny Jiyane, chairman of SVI.

“The app is not just able to convey information, but it becomes an important tool for our customers to enhance the experience of owning an armoured vehicle,” added Jiyane.