BONGANI Dhlamini from Pimville zone 5, Soweto, drives a Mini Cooper Sport, which he said he bought in 2017.

“Every time I’m behind the wheel I only think of her.”

Q: Is it your first car

A: No. I’ve owned a 1.6 Corsa sports car, which I sold a few years ago.

Q: What do you love about your car?

A: It’s lovely, a crowd-puller, comfortable and powerful on the road.

Q: Is it your dream car?

A: Not really. But I love my car so much. It’s still my favourite ride at the moment. My dream car is a white BMW one series.

Q: Would you allow another person to drive your car?

A: Why not? My friend Lesego Mabalane and lovely sweetheart Lerato Kheswa are the only people who can drive my car.

Q: Have you gone on long distance trips in your car yet?

A: Yes, I’ve driven it to many places in and outside Gauteng, and it’s been good to me. The longest drive was when I went to the Free State and she was calm and balanced on the open road.

Q: Tell us about your choice of colour?

A: Cream white is a good colour to maintain.

Q: How often do you get traffic fines?

A: I have none so far. I’m a very good and responsible driver.

Q: What do you think of other drivers?

A: Drivers are observant on the road and that’s all we want – to arrive alive.