Those complaining about how the new M135i with its front-wheel drive based xDrive system is not much of a hoot to go against the A45 and the beastly RS3 need not worry.  

BMW has an answer for those cars. And it is much more fun offering. Turns out the next 2-Series won't be going front wheel drive, it will retain the traditional BMW RWD platform. This means that the top of the range of the upcoming model will remain RWD, in-line six and a tire shredder. The RS3 and the A45 boast 300kW+ like the M2 Competition.

If you are looking for something small with 300kW+ from Munich the M2 is the car the brand thinks is better suited to take on the RS3 and A45 AMG.

Speaking to the Top Gear, Marcus Flasch head of BMW M said “The 2 Series coupe is our drift machine. The M135i is exciting, but there are no plans for a high-performance 1Series.” Flasch said.

The current 2-Series is nearing its end of the line. BMW will give the current top of the range performance model a last hurrah with the upcoming M2 CS, a meaner and hopefully more powerful version of the M2 Competition expected in 2020.