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Pontsho Mokoena makes sure to wear something that matches her lovely wheels.  ~ 

BIKING is rising in popularity in Mzansi every day. We are seeing more second-generation bikers coming out of our townships.

At seventeen years old, Pontsho Mokoena, from Deneysville, on the shores of the Vaal Dam, is one of the youngest bikers in SunLand.

Q: Do you have a licence?

A: Yes, I got my rider’s licence a year ago.

Q: What bike do you ride?

A: Hyosung GT 250.

Q: Is it your first bike?

A: No, it’s my second.

Q: How long have you been riding?

A: For three years.

Q: What colour is your bike and why did you choose it?

A: It’s black and I chose it because I love it. I always wear some black to match my ride.

Q: Does your bike have a name?

A: Black Beauty.

Q: Do you have any fines?

A: No, I am careful on the road.

Q: How often do you ride?

A: I don’t have a fixed schedule. The need to ride builds up inside me until I can’t hold it back any longer and I must go.

Q: Tell us about your outfit.

A: Safety is a priority for every biker. Always wear your gear.

Q: How far have you ridden?

A: I have ridden to Tweeling, Bethlehem and a few other places around the Vaal.

Q: Who else rides your bike?

A: My friends Thato, Thabang and Ndo can ride Black Beauty. My dad too.

Q: Is it your dream bike?

A: No, my dream bike is a Suzuki GSXR K7.

Q: What do you think of Mzansi’s other road users?

A: So many motorists are bad on the road – they don’t check their blind spots or give bikers right of way. Instead, they try to push us off the road. Motorists need to respect us.

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