IN the last few weeks, drivers have faced the challenges that come with the change of season to winter.

Changed sunrise and sunset times, chilly weather and wet weather in certain regions require changes to driving behaviour throughout winter.

A few changes to how you drive can help overcome the challenges safely during the winter months.

CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert said as the sun rises later and sets sooner, you can expect to drive more in changing light or even darkness.

If you don’t already automatically switch your headlights on as soon as you get in the car, take care to do so now.

To avoid glare shining into your eyes, change your usual routine and routes. Leave earlier in the mornings or take alternative routes where the glare is not as bad.

Herbert said motorists should drive with polarised sunglasses to help with the glare and protect their eyes from damage.

“Keep your windscreen clean as dirt shows up more when the glare shines on it. Reduce the glare by raising your seat position, if your vehicle allows it, so you are higher up and lower your visor before you leave so you are not blinded suddenly as you round a corner,” Herbert said.

On misty mornings, remember to not switch your lights on bright as the beams will reflect off the mist. Rather use low-beams or fog lights.

Follow the usual tips advised when driving in wet weather including adjusting following distance, speed, and avoiding driving through puddles of water.

Certain areas may also experience ice on the roads. Drive carefully through areas likely to be affected by ice, like under bridges.