TUMELO Matlhanye (23) says he loves his Audi A4 more than anything else.

He told Daily Sun that this is his first car and he believes his ancestors gave it to him.

“When I bought it, I wasn’t looking for an Audi. I thought I would buy myself something else,” he said.

He said before he could find another car, he happened to accompany his friend to a dealership in Krugersdrop.

“When we got there, I saw this car and I just loved it.”

He said an old man from nowhere, who looked like a prophet, approached him and told him that this was his car.

“He said it was a gift from my ancestors.”

It was right then and there that Tumelo decided he was taking it.

It’s been three years now and his car has been taking good care of him.

“We’ve had good memories together and that’s why I love it with my whole heart.”

SunWheels asked Tumelo a few more questions about his car:

1. When did you buy your car?

I bought this beast in December 2019.

2. Why do you love this car so much?

I love the looks and its performance. When I get to a certain place, all eyes are on me and when I get on the road the performance is awesome.

3. Is there anything you want to change in your car?

No, I just love it the way it is.

4. Would you allow another person to drive it?

I only trust my own driving, therefore I wouldn’t let another person touch it.

5. Tell us about your choice of colour?

The colour stands out. It’s not too bright or too dark. It’s a colour that commands respect.

6. How far have you driven this car and how was it?

I have taken it to Zeerust in the North West, my home town.

I also went to Durban on three occasions.

In all the trips, I was cruising nicely. I didn’t even feel the distance.