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DIRTY air filters won’t prevent your vehicle from starting but it is important that they are replaced or they will increase the amount of fuel your vehicle uses and may even ruin your spark plugs.

Get your air filters checked at a service.

Signs of a dirty air filter

Misfiring engine: An engine that struggles to start, misfires or jerks roughly during acceleration or cruising could caused by a dirty filter.

Unusual engine sounds: A tuned engined sends smooth vibrations when it’s idling at a standstill.

If you notice that your car is vibrating excessively or you hear rough engine sounds, it is often because of a dirty or damaged spark plug resulting from a clogged air filter.

Air filter looks filthy: Air filters are made of paper so when they’re new and clean, they look off-white in colour. As they are used, they trap dirt particles, which make them darker.

Reduced power: If your car does not respond as it should or if it jerks forward when your foot is pressing the accelerator down, that’s an indication that the engine is not getting enough air as it should and the most common culprit is a clogged air filter.

Dark smoke blows out the exhaust: If not enough air gets to the pistons, the ignited fuel doesn’t combust properly. The superheated fuel then exits from the piston to the exhaust where it may find air to ignite and blow out the pipe.

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