MORE and more South African consumers are moving away from traditional forms of media consumption and entertainment.

According to the key findings in PwC’s 2019 Global Consumer Insights Survey, consumers are increasingly using digital technology for much more than just shopping.

About 22.9 % of South Africans stream movies daily, with 23.9% sourcing music online.

The survey focuses on habits, changing consumer behaviour and expectations of over 21 000 online consumers in 27 territories.

Mzansi is proving to be part of the revolution in how customers access entertainment without the use of the traditional "cord extension" devices.

Locally, 46.5% of South African consumers admit they have been influenced to purchase products following positive reviews on social media. 

The percentage, however, is lower compared to the 61 % of global consumers.

”Not only are consumers the strongest link in the global economic chain, but PwC’s survey shows that the technological tools available to them have put them in a position to demand a tailored, seamless and multi-channel shopping and social-media-powered experience, ” says PwC Africa Retail and Consumer Leader Anton Hugo.

”Retailers can achieve this by using a blend of both physical and digital approaches.

”The result for companies will be a greater return on experience with the customer and also gain a competitive edge.”

Other key findings:

* 33% of South African consumers, compared to 25% of consumers globally, go to social media first to hear about current events.

* 46.5% of South African consumers say they have been influenced to buy a product/service following positive reviews on social media.

* 57.7% of SA consumer own health-related apps, with exercise/health monitoring being the most popular.

* 53.2% of SA consumers have used digital channels to pay their bills and invoices in the past 12 months, while 67% have transferred money online.