Tired of bland food? (#yawn).  Have no fear!  We’re here to add a new dimension, not to mention a dash of zing to your food world. Our focus is on the deliciously piquant pickled onions from Judy’s Preserves.   Yes, those delightfully flavoured, crunchy, tastebud tantalising appetisers.   

“It’s time to step up to the plate (the table variety) and say farewell to bland.  We are all creatures of habit,” says CEO Costas Vayanos.  

“And although that helps save time by automating certain processes or decisions, there are times when it can be good to push the limits, particularly when it comes to discovering new food ideas,” says the man known for serving up a variety of creations as part of his quest for the perfect dish.

So, in the spirit of adding that delicious extra something to your meal, Judy’s Preserves brings you 8 ways pickled onions can take your meal from good to great:

• Create a tangy taste sensation by slicing pickled onions as a delicious accompaniment to a mature cheddar sandwich
•         Take your tartar sauce up a notch (or two) with a teaspoon of the pickled vinaigrette together and diced pieces of pickled onion
•         Need to make a quick delicious salad dressing?  ¾ olive oil, ¼ cup remaining vinaigrette from your Judy’s jar, ground black pepper
•         Serve a plate of olives and pickled onions as a delightful accompaniment to cocktail hour 
•         Spice it up by creating a zesty cream cheese and pickled onion dip, served with nachos, bread sticks and crudités
•         Pickle juice is great for softening meat. Use it as a marinade for pork chops or steak.
•         For a touch of vibrancy, drizzle the remaining vinegar on your fish & chips.  Round off with freshly ground black pepper
•         Take macaroni cheese to a whole new level by adding 1 tablespoon of brine to your favourite recipe

“Food is made to be enjoyed,” says the Judy’s Preserves CEO.  “Like infusing a picture with colour, food can bring an added richness to your life.  Be creative.  Enjoy some time out and discover the world of flavours.  By just adding a new ingredient like pickled onions, you can expand your taste horizons, taking a meal from good to great as you savour your food, and your life.”