From 20 September, Cell C customers across prepaid and selected postpaid and top-up products will be able to purchase the new Social Bundles.

The new bundles have some of the richest value available in the market, offering data, additional data for Facebook and WhatsApp, local any network voice minutes and SMS and free games. Customers can now benefit from communicating across multiple communication channels instead of having to use some selectively. “The value created within these new bundles are unique, and we know our customers will instantly feel the benefits of all that the Social Bundles offers,” says Cell C CEO Jose Dos Santos.

WhatsApp and Facebook are two of the most popular social media and communication channels used by consumers to stay in touch and having data dedicated to the use of those services will give customers peace of mind that they can use the built in social data without impacting their regular data allocation.

Customers on all prepaid plans, the postpaid Connector plans, Pinnacle plans and SmartData offers, will be able to purchase these new bundles and keep in touch with their family and friends.

The new promotional bundles will be available as a once-off purchase and can be purchased using USSD, the Cell C App or Cell C online. This product ticks all the boxes and even provides customers the ability to carryover unused value, by simply purchasing a minimum basic social bundle.

“The addition of any-net voice calls, SMS and free downloadable games, just adds to the richness of the Social Bundles,” says Dos Santos.

The seven promotional bundles all have a 30-day validity period.

With the introduction of these new bundles, Cell C has also made the decision to right-size its standalone WhatsApp bundle. With the introduction of the Social Bundles with additional WhatsApp data, the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) of the current standalone WhatsApp bundle will be set at 600MB from 1 October 2017. “This is still the best standalone WhatsApp bundle in the market,” says Dos Santos.

“The new Social Bundles deliver incredible value offering a convergent communication solution that is data centric while incorporating traditional voice and text, with the bonus of being able to use the two primary social media platforms and the entertainment experience of gaming.  This allows the customer to really immerse themselves into the Cell C experience,” says Dos Santos.

For more information on the promotional bundles, customers can visit