The last thing most people probably want to do right now is exercise.

But it’s exactly what we need to beat the winter blues.

It’s a proven fact that exercise is good for you.

It can boost your mood and health, among many other benefits.

Keeping active throughout the day keeps your mind off the cold and stimulates creativity.

And it’s not just about going to the gym. There are great ways to keep active like dancing, yoga, meditation and cycling.

We just need to explore the endless options and find what works. You might end up enjoying it.

) Sibongumusa


  • As the old saying goes: A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.

You can’t be anywhere closer to the truth, Sibongumusa. Exercising is very important for everyone, including children and the elderly.

It’s one thing that has no downside as everything about it is positive.

And one needs not pay to exercise. You can do it at home, at work or just jog in your neighbourhood.

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