NOW that we’re aware that schizophrenia is a manageable condition, we can arm ourselves with knowledge about the condition.

We’ll also be able to share information with those who might be living with the condition.

Signs and symptoms of schizophrenia:

Delusional behaviour.

Active hallucination.

Confused thought processes and disorganised speech.

Inability to concentrate.

Movement disorder.

Experts say if help is sought early, patients may live a normal life.

“The sooner schizophrenia is detected and treated, the better the outcome for the person living with the disorder,” said Jansen Pharmaceuticals in a statement.

After schizophrenia has been diagnosed, patients should start treatment, which includes therapy and medication.

Various available medication: Oral medication or tablets must be taken daily, without fail.

The challenge with the treatment is that patients often find it difficult to stick to the medication schedule.

Monthly injection or long-term, slow-release medication has proven to be highly effective because it eliminates the need to take tablets on a daily basis. Once administered, the dose lasts for a month.