10 months ago

Dear MizzB

I AM a 17-year-old matric pupil who is dating a 27-year-old guy.

He asked me to move in with him three months ago and I agreed. But then he started cheating on me.

He told me to move out but I do not plan on going anywhere.

He made me leave my parents’ house so I am staying with him. How do I fix our relationship?

  • Girl Child

Dear Girl Child

You are playing the role of a wife to a man who has no intentions of building a future with you.

Stop it.

You are an intelligent young woman who has an opportunity to further her studies, but you are limiting yourself.

Apologise to your parents.

You can do better than this. Send a #plzcallme to 083 323 1023 or email mizzb@lovelife.org.za

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