PARENTS often find themselves conflicted about how to guide their sons.

Aggression can be an indication of factors such as mood disorders, frustration, conduct disorder, injuries and at times trauma.

It is important to understand the root cause of negative behaviour and address it.

Things to discuss:

  • Help your child find different ways to express their anger and disappointment
  • Set firm and consistent limits
  • Teach self-control
  • Avoid “toughness” being seen as a sign of masculinity
  • Don’t use spanking to discipline
  • Learn to control your own temper
  • Find a creative outlet for negative feelings
  • Give and show comfort and affection.

When kids misbehave, parents tend to respond with criticism or punishment, stopping children from learning healthy ways to express their feelings.

Everyone has a responsibility to end violence and ensure the safety of women and children who continue to be at risk.