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Dear MizzB

I’m a single mum of two and I’m worried about my six-year-old daughter.

Our local shop owner always gives her treats and asks her to visit him in my absence.

Whenever I ask her what they do she says it’s a secret. He gives her money and sweets. I’m told she disappears for hours on end. Should I be worried?

  • Mama

Hey Mama

You should be concerned! Take your child to your nearest clinic for a routine check-up to ensure everything is well with her.

Before jumping to conclusions, speak to the shopkeeper about your concerns.

Ask other parents if they’ve noticed the same trend in their kids. Look for educational games and extramural activities to keep your child active. Spend more time with her.

Send a #PleaseCallMe to 083 323 1023 or email so we can help you with this.

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