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When a hen is chased away, it hardly ever gets separated from its little brood of chicks – no matter how hard you try to scare it.

The crocodile hides its young in its mouth and when it eats, the little ones eat what their mother has left for them.

You can never approach a dog which has little puppies as it becomes vicious and will do anything to keep its young safe.

Shame on those men who have kids, only to abandon them with their mothers. They seem to have forgotten the saying, “it takes two to tango”.

A person who helps create a baby and then fails to look after it is like a beast.

Every person who neglects their child needs to do some soul-searching and introspection.

Once you become a parent, your true character comes out. Your children’s lives and privacy is invaded and interfered with.

Caring parents never leave their kids to be taken care of by strangers.

If you want to know yourself, check how you treat your children.

It is through them that God gave you another chance to live again.

Your child is the best mirror with which you can look and judge yourself.

  • Samuel Radebe, Phiritona

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