BEING raised by both parents, or a single parent, is a bliss that every child enjoys while growing up.

But life doesn’t work out the way we want and plan it to.

There are parents who unfortunately die and leave their kids, and this leads them to being orphans.

In some of these houses the eldest child is automatically expected to take over and become a parent to younger siblings.

Raising a kid is a very challenging and uneasy job because even some older people need assistance to be able to raise their own very well.

Growing up in our communities, it’s always been known that it takes a village to raise a child.

No parent wants to leave their kid behind in this world to suffer on their own, without anyone protecting them.

As a community, lending a helping hand to raise these kids will go a long way and help make the load a little lighter.

Providing shelter, food and clothing is a gesture that shows caring and unconditional love.

Some people wait for special days like Mandela Day to donate and help those who are in need, and that should not be the case.

Reach out to those kids in your neighbourhood and provide them with basic things.

School uniform, clothes and other utensils you no longer need will help them cope.

Remember, sharing is caring!