10 months ago

BEING gay does not mean you are immune to domestic abuse. Abuse is as widely reported in the LGTB community as it is in heterosexual relationships

Myth versus facts

  • Women cannot be violent
  • Women abusers can use physical, verbal, emotional and sexual abuse too.
  • Rape does not happen in same sex relationships
  • Sexual harassment, advances and rape can happen in any relationship
  • It’s easier to leave abusive relationships
  • Trauma and fear, together with a poor social support system, leaves victims isolated.

There are many obstacles for those seeking help:

  • Fear of disclosing their sexual orientation to their families
  • Fear of ridicule for reporting to peers or authorities
  • Isolation due to secrecy of lifestyle
  • Uneven access to services.

Domestic abuse does not discriminate and is equally present in the homosexual community. Public anxieties on homosexuality have minimised the experience of LGTB people who experience abuse.

Help victims of abuse without judging their sexual orientation. They have rights too!

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