Hey MizzB

I’m 22 and have been dating this guy for more than two years.

The problem is that his family don’t like me.

I’m thinking of breaking up with him because this is affecting me. What’s even worse is that he isn’t doing anything about it. Please help

  • Girlfriend

Dear Girlfriend

Relationships can be complicated when families are involved, and some parents feel it’s their responsibility to ensure their kids get what is best in life. At times this may include their kids’ partners.

It is not always their intention to dislike you or not want you around their child, but simply a perception they might have.

Sometimes maternal instincts take over and parents become overprotective.

Your boyfriend should ensure he addresses his parents’ meddling as much as you do.

Counselling will provide a platform for both of you to express your feelings and what you consider the best way forward.

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