Hey MizzB

I AM a 23 -year-old married woman with two boys. My husband is a well respected leader at our church. Everyone admires me but they don’t know I hate my life.

My husband beats me up in front of our kids. When I tell my mum about the abuse he denies it.

I’ve been getting complaints from school about how physically violent my kids are towards others. How do I ensure they don’t turn out like their father?


Hey Mama

Children learn what they live!

Kids who witness violence in the home are at greater risk of being violent towards others.

They may also enter toxic relationships.

When you live with an abusive partner you promote the continuation of the abuse as the abuser does not take responsibility for his or her toxic behaviour.

It also steals a piece of who you are and endangers your life and future. Seek help by reporting your husband to the police so they can intervene.