10 months ago

Hi MizzB

I am a 26-year-old woman in an abusive relationship.

My boyfriend beat me so badly that I lost my left eye last week.

I forgave him and took him back because I am unemployed.

He is the only one who provides for me.

I am afraid for my life but I am too ashamed to go back home as they do not know he is abusing me.

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Hey Lady

Staying in this toxic relationship is not only a risk to your life but will steal all future possibilities of who and what you can be.

Remaining where you are encourages your boyfriend not to get help for his abusive ways.

You have a right to reporting this matter as he is violating your rights.

You deserve better and you can have that when you understand that your life is worth more than the money he pays for your silence. Let us help you.

Send a #plzcall 083 323 1023 and speak to a counsellor or send an email to mizzb@lovelife.org.za

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