A GOGO is able to give her daughter a break from mothering duties by taking turns breastfeeding her granddaughter, little Naomi.

And she can do this because she’s still producing breastmilk after recently giving birth to her fifth kid.

Julia Cannons (21) from Missouri, America told the Sun how she and her mum Angela Owen (47) quickly learnt how to share the load in nurturing baby Naomi, now 10 months old.

Julia, who says she loves breastfeeding, went over to her mum’s house when Naomi was four months old. Naomi was constantly demanding the breast and Julia was desperate for someone to watch the baby while she took a shower.

While Julia was in the shower, Naomi started screaming for milk – and was quickly happy again when Angela put her boob in the infant’s mouth.

“My mum had already asked me how I would feel about her breastfeeding Naomi,” said Julia.

“She still produces milk and we knew she still produces.

“I was okay with it.”

“She’s an over-producer. She’s been checked for any problems but there are no health problems.”

Angela now feeds Naomi a few times a month, an arrangement that suits all three very well.

Julia said: "We weren’t sure if Naomi would latch on but she did immediately. It was amazing

“It is a huge, huge help for me. I can sleep and get something to eat.

“A real bond has developed between the two of them.”

Julia and Angela have had to put up with quite a lot of shade from judging strangers.

“People say it’s weird, unnatural and gross. But what is more natural than feeding a baby?" asked Julia.