4 months ago

Dear MizzB

I AM a 26-year-old divorcee with two kids.

For the past three years I’ve been dating this wonderful man who makes me happy.

He even takes care of my kids. He wants to marry me, but I’m afraid what my parents will say because he’s my cousin.

I love him and we want a life together.

  • Girl

Dear Girl

This is a challenging one. Love truly comes when a person least expects it. You need to ask yourself: can you imagine life without this man?

When you’ve answered that, you will know what to do in this situation. Remember that people are always going to have an opinion on how, where, or with whom you should live your life.

But the final decision lies with you. There’s more to tell you. Send a #plzcallme to 083 323 1023 or email mizzb@lovelife.org.za

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