11 months ago

Hey MizzB

I’M 16 years old and I was raped on my way to school by a guy who pretended to be my friend.

I am afraid to report my rape because he used to walk me to school, and people will judge me.

Now I have burning sensation when I pee. The skin of my punani is reddish and I have a bad discharge.

I’m afraid to tell my mum because she is very strict.

Please help me before I do something I may regret.

Hey Princess

Rape is the biggest human rights violation.

Go to your local clinic so that you can be protected from unwanted pregnancy or STIs.

Reporting this issue takes away the power that the offender has stolen from you and it stops it from happening again.

No has the right to have sex with you without my consent.

Let us help you. Send a #plzcall to 083 323 1023 to speak to one of our counsellors.

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