It's never too early to introduce your child to concept of helping out around the house. Well, 6 months might be a bit too young but once they're about a year old and can follow simple instructions they can be introduced to doing small things around the house.

Obviously the goal in the end is to have them be able to thoroughly clean the entire house from top to bottom and make you a cup of tea while you put your feet up, so their training has to come at a young age.

I'm kidding (mostly - that cup of tea would be nice). But we do want our kids to be self-sufficient, contributing members of society and teaching them in the home is the best way to instil these qualities.

Start small. Don't ask too much of your 1-year-old and as they get more proficient at mastering how their little bodies work you can ask them to do more complex things.

Simone Davies, who runs the Jacaranda Tree Montessori in Amsterdam, created this beautiful printable and explains how to actually get this done on her website.

Click on the image below to print the pdf version.